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Hardware selections for French Provincial styling

French Provincial styling has been making it’s way into Australian interiors for a little while now, and has recently gained popularity due to it’s classic elegance.

At the forefront for many people’s go-to aesthetic has been a Hamptons styled kitchen, which has previously leaned towards a grander American style, however this is starting to change. Australia’s take on France’s style, or America’s for that matter, is always a more paired back version due to our house footprints generally being smaller and not having their pre-set architecture to back it up. So, we adopt the parts that we like and will work within our homes.

The French Provincial aesthetic stems from the providences of France, where country craftsmen began fusing design inspiration from town homes in the late 1700s, with country accents that made a unique blended style. This was achieved through finding a balance of chic elegance, and rustic, country style characteristics, drawn from timber pieces, including exposed beams, timber flooring and chunky furniture like dining tables, buffets and cupboards. French interior design style strikes that ideal balance between intricate details and luxury style, with casual effortlessness and timelessness.

The Australian version of French Provincial can be as simple as a using a white shaker cabinet profile, which stands the test of time and has easy appeal if renovating to sell, however adding trimmings that can be quite detailed (i.e. lighting, tapware and hardware). Our Kew handle has been the perfect blend of ornate intricacy, with it’s turned ends and detailed feet, but not too over the top that it looks like it’s just been taken out of a Chateau. You may also choose lattice or louvered cabinet doors to really embrace intricate details, but no matter what you pick our Kew range will compliment it perfectly. With a choice of handle lengths, including an appliance pull, it’s the easiest way to take of the influence of French provincial styling whilst making it your own.

Kitchen by Danielle Victoria Design, and photography by ESS Creative.

The most used colour palettes for this style include shades of white, neutrals, greys, creams, blushes and light blues. Our acid washed brass, satin nickel, or scorched black colourways add warm tones to this and are favoured by French provincial homes, as they complement the white and grey tones throughout the house.

Kitchen by Kate Walker Design. Photography by Armelle Habib.

When selecting your kitchen cupboards you may opt for heritage, shaker or raised panel cabinets that take inspiration from this classic style. Some of our favourites are ‘Waratah’, ‘Provincial’ and ‘Virginia’ by Farmers Doors.

Bespoke cabinets in Kate Walker's home featuring our Kew Handle. Photography by Armelle Habib.