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Interior stylist Kerrie-Ann Jones has reviewed our new hooks, Eden and Atticus.

Please allow us to introduce you to our latest arrivals, the Eden Hook and Atticus Hook.

The Eden Hook was inspired by English country homes and designed by Alison in collaboration with the Hepburn Hardware interiors community. This coat and hat hook was created to compliment a range of design aesthetics and is just at home in a French Provincial setting as she is in a classic heritage home.



With a wide domed top so your hat won’t dent, our Eden Hook is available in five of our favourite finishes – burnished brass, blackest black, satin nickel, polished chrome and an exterior rated raw brass; the choice to either mix metals or carry through an accent colour is all yours!

The Atticus Hook might look familiar! We’d forgive you for thinking it was our Atticus knob, but we’ve added a front-screw construction, so you can now carry Atticus from cabinetry to walls.



Interior stylist Kerrie-Ann Jones has reviewed our new hooks, and provided us with some tips on how to position them within the home.

 Tell us what you think of our new hooks – Eden and Atticus?

I'm all about timeless and sophisticated design. I really like how both the Eden and Atticus hooks will never date and look great ten years from now.

What do you like most about our new Eden Hook?

I like the classic curve hook design. It's perfect for hanging up coats behind a door or on the wall and the beautiful finish options suit any style of home.



What design aesthetic do you feel the Eden Hook would be most ‘at home’ in?

I think it best suits classic period homes including - Victorian, terrace, country homesteads and Hamptons style... any home that has character and feels loved.

What are your top tips for selecting the “right” hook for a project?

Consider the location of the hook. Do you have the space for a large hook like the Eden or less space where the Atticus might be more suitable? Also, think about its purpose. What will you be hanging on it? Larger hooks best suit more oversized items and smaller hooks for lighter items. The design style of your home is also important. If your home is minimal and modern, then the Atticus would be better suited. If your home has period features, the Eden is the way to go.

Are you a metal mixer? Or do you prefer them to match?

I prefer to keep all the metal finishes consistent throughout the home. For example, when I'm using brass hardware for the joinery and hooks, I will match this with brass tapware in the bathrooms. I think it makes more of a statement this way.

How do you decide what colour metal to use on projects?

I first create a physical mood board with all the finishes and textures I plan to use in the home. I’ll then play around with various metal finishes to see which one suits the palette and textures on my mood board. I also research and find inspiration of other interiors with a similar feel to see what metals have been used and if it fits the interior I'm working on.

What advice do you have regarding the placement of hooks on walls? Doors?

Firstly, you need to know what you are drilling into? Is it gyprock or brick, do you have a stud behind? Ideally, if you have gyprock walls, you want to drill into the stud for maximum strength. So make sure you use the correct drill bit for the type of wall you are drilling into.

Secondly, you want to make sure you have your hooks at an ideal height. There is no perfect height, it’s whatever works for you. But I would say not too low. You don’t want your coats touching the floor collecting dirt and dust, but then not too high where short people (like me!) can’t reach.

Lastly, make sure you have enough of a gap between each hook to allow for large items, so it doesn't look cluttered.

And there you have it! Top tips from Kerrie-Ann Jones on the most asked questions about hook selections and placements.

You can shop our entire hook range here.