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How do I choose the right metal finish?

We have a great breakdown of each of our finishes HERE
Lots of people ask us what the pros and cons are between Polished Chrome and Satin
Nickel. Here's a little run down... Polished Chrome has a blue undertone, so gives a
cooler feel. It’s the hardiest of all our finishes, so it’s best for coastal areas. It’s also
reflective, so can leave finger marks. Satin Nickel has a gold undertone, so has a
warmer feel. It features light brushstrokes and is lacquered so it won’t patina or leave
finger marks. Style-wise, if you’d like your hardware to stand out, Polished Chrome is
your girl, if not, go with Satin Nickel.

I noticed some brass changes colour or goes green in patches what is this?

This is called patinering and is a great look if you are renovating an older style home and want to stay true to it’s heritage, you just love that look or want to have something that evolves and ages over time. (just like us 😉)

Our acid washed brass hardware has been designed to patina and evolve over time. These solid brass pieces have been given an acid wash treatment so they will beautifully age but at a much slower rate to raw brass hardware. The areas of these pieces that are touched will stay lighter, whilst the areas that aren’t will become darker. This is due to oxidising with the natural atmosphere over the years of exposure. Due to this kind of treatment, these pieces can be used in exterior as well as salty areas, which will only further deepen the antique brass look. 

What is Electroplating?

Electroplating is a process that uses an electric current to reduce dissolved metal cations so that they
form a thin metal coating around the outside of our brass hardware.
These finishes will hold it’s colour and integrity and not show the brass underneath.

How do I measure up?

Make sure your handle width is in proportion with your drawer width.

We've taken the guess work out with a quick guide for our hardware:

96mm drill hole centred handle will suit a drawer up to 600mm wide

128mm drill hole centred handle will suit a drawer up to 800mm wide

256mm drill hole centred handle will suit a drawer any wider than 800mm

(an alternative to this is putting two 96mm handles at either end of the drawer.)

Is there a general rule when placing cabinet handles

Not really, but ergonomics and what looks right plays a big part. The style of doors also makes a big difference, i.e. shaker or flat panel

How do I get the perfect match to my tapwear?

There are no strict rules around matching your tapware and handles. Contrasting colours can give a great look. We love a matte black tap and a chrome sink with our burnished brass. 

Brass is the trickiest colour to match as there can be so many variations. We’ve matched our burnished brass and acid washed brass finish to some of Australia’s most popular tapware brands e.g. Astra Walker, Sussex and Brodware. If you're going to match your brass handles with brass tapware, it's important for them to match perfectly. 

We’ve curated a handy match back guide for you here. 

How do I clean my hardware?

If your handles require a clean, water and a microfibre cloth are all you need.
Do not use any harsh chemicals or cleaners on your hardware as it may cause damage.

Where can I see your products?

We have a great selection of stockist in Aus, NZ and even the USA

You can head here to get your hands on our products

We’re currently working on samples discs, however if you require a sample in the meantime, please contact 

Who Designs your products?

We take our hardware making seriously. So much time and effort goes into curating our designs and having them produced. All our hardware is handmade with form and function in mind but with care and precision instilled into every piece. 

Alison designs our hardware at the Hepburn studio in Burleigh Heads QLD. They go from a hand drawn idea, to a CAD file, to a wooden mould for approval. From this design, another sample is made out of brass for the final approval. This can easily take up to 6 months to get right (our Surrey handle took 18 months!).

The skills and expertise of our manufacturers in India and Indonesia use processes which are passed down over many generations, making sure this way of artful manufacturing isn’t lost. Each piece is made slowly and thoughtfully, highlighting the way they’re cast, hand finished and finally displayed in your home.

Can I get a trade discount?

If you have a registered ABN within the building/design industry we can offer you a trade discount.

What your most popular styles?

Our three best sellers are our Bronte, Kew and Henley ranges.

Our most consistent colour sold over the years is satin nickel.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping timeframes are governed by Australia post and can vary depending on where we are shipping to. Express post is an option should you require your items a little quicker.

Can you send overseas?

Yes, we certainly do.

Can I call someone to discuss my options?

Yes, You can. We do offer a complimentary consultation for advice.

Email at to organise a time.

Can i mix and match your hardware?

All our hardware is designed to be able to mix and match within each colour way.

For example a Bronte handle in burnished brass can be perfectly paired with a Halifax or Sydney knob.

Same goes for our organic ranges. Everything within the Acid washed brass range can be mixed and matched however as it’s an organic finish the appearance can differ within each handle giving them their own individual identity.