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INTRODUCING NEW YORKER - Knurled to give a functional and modern edge to your interiors. Shipping daily on all styles from our Qld warehouse.


Acid Washed Brass

Acid Washed Brass

Our acid washed brass hardware has been designed to patina and evolve over time. These solid brass pieces have been given an acid wash treatment so they will beautifully age but at a much slower...
Kew Handle - Acid Washed Brass:128mm:Hepburn Hardware

Aged and Patinated

This finish is designed to age and patina over time. The brass underneath is coated however over time, use and exposure to the natural elements, the brass undertones will slowly come through. Like rigid denim...
Antique Brass

Antique Brass

Add some old world luxury to your home with our antique brass hardware. With dark undertones and golden highlights, the beauty of antique brass lies in its relaxed, timeless appearance. It will subtly complement its...
Appliance Pulls

Appliance Pulls

Oversized handles are becoming the norm for integrated kitchen appliances. Larger and chunkier in every way to their matching ranges, these statement pieces providing the strength required for opening heavier cabinetry.
Ascot Handle - Acid Washed Brass:135mm:Hepburn Hardware


Designed to give a pared back uncomplicated look, the Ascot range is as simple as it is practical. Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes, it will the be little dash of style that will set off...


Our Atticus knobs are particularly popular and it's not hard to see why - they sport a classic shape with a practical concave face that's like a seat for your thumb. They were designed for sophistication...
Bamboo Handle - Antique Brass:Hepburn Hardware


Give a nod to nature with our beautiful bamboo handles and t-bars. This range is highly versatile and a unique addition to individual pieces of furniture or fixed drawers and cabinetry in your kitchen, bathroom...
Bronte Handle - Satin Nickel:110mm:Hepburn Hardware

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Blackest Black

Blackest Black

Blackest black hardware will add an interesting visual element to any room in your home, with an elegant matte powdery finish. The deep, charcoal tone lends itself to being a contrasting feature on cabinetry and...


Bronte Handle - Blackest Black:110mm:Hepburn Hardware


We created the Bronte collection in-house and are designed to reflect the relaxed Australian style of cabinetry. Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, pantries as well as integrated fridges or freezers. They can suit both traditional...

Brushed Brass

Brushed brass is a sophisticated finish that offers a unique twist on polished hardware. This flexible finish can be a statement on both matte and gloss surfaces, and can be seamlessly incorporated into a multiple of interior design styles....
Burnished Brass

Burnished Brass

Our burnished brass hardware has an elegant satin surface that looks beautiful in modern and traditional homes.  With golden hues and a uniformed texture, it looks particularly breathtaking as a contrasting feature against a dark backdrop. Coordinate...

Eden Hook

Designed with practicality at the forefront, we could see a need for a true coat and hat hook. The hat part of our Eden hook is domed and wide, so it won’t damage felt or...
Bronte Handle - Burnished Brass:145mm:Hepburn Hardware


These finishes will hold it’s colour and integrity and not show the brass underneath. Electroplating is a process that uses an electric current to reduce dissolved metal cations so that they form a thin metal coating around the outside of our brass...
Glass Knob - Faceted Black:Hepburn Hardware


Glass hardware is stylish, refined and contemporary. Whether you opt for the glimmer of clear glass or the gloss of opaque glass, this finish has a jewel-like quality that will look great in both modern...


Inspired by Halifax design, combing the quaint charm of the French Countryside with the coastal elegance of the Eastern Seaboard. The collection includes a knob and cup pull which are both simple yet sophisticated. The Halifax...


The handles you choose are an extension of your home’s personality - they can blend with your existing decor, provide a striking contrast or set the tone for a renovation. Our wide range of handles...
Henley T-Bar - Scorched Black:Scorched Black:Hepburn Hardware


The old world charm and hexagon shape is what gives the Henley range it's striking individuality. Crossing over in to offer bathroom accessories, this range is our broadest offer of hardware and can cover kitchens,...
Highland Cup Pull - Satin Nickel:Hepburn Hardware


With a rustic kitchen as inspiration, we created the Highland range to give any space a wood cabin feel. Solid brass and a comfortable grab and finishes that will age and patina over time, these...


From kitchen to bathrooms and hallways, a hook is perhaps the simplest and most versatile method of storage. Whether its a scarf, coat, hanging plant or a collection of bags, we've carefully curated a range...
Large House Number - Acid Washed Brass:Hepburn Hardware

House Numbers

Curb appeal is real and our house numbers are here to make that happen. The aged brass finishes will make them look like they're been there for years and will patina to the environment around...
Kew Handle - Acid Washed Brass:128mm:Hepburn Hardware


Taking in a French provincial scene, these handles are designed to emulate this through out your kitchen and bathroom. The finishes will age and patina over time giving you a lived in relaxed look.
Kew Handle - Acid Washed Brass:128mm:Hepburn Hardware

Kew Acid Wash Brass

Kew Handle - Acid Washed Brass:128mm:Hepburn Hardware

Kew Handle

Kew Handle -Satin Nickel:128mm:Hepburn Hardware

Kew Satin Nickel

Kew Handle -Scorched Black:128mm:Hepburn Hardware

Kew Scorched Black

Door Knobs and Pulls

Knobs & Pulls

Knobs and pulls are an easy solution for adding a sense of luxury and style to the drawers or cabinets in any room. Our extensive selection of cabinet knobs and pulls includes various styles, designs,...
Leather Handle - Black with Polished Chrome:Hepburn Hardware


Leather is a classic and durable material that adds a stylish textural focal point and can look beautiful in traditional and contemporary homes. Our leather hardware range includes rich brown leather with brass, which complements houses...
Atticus Knob - Burnished Brass:Hepburn Hardware


New Arrivals

New Arrivals (M)

This collection is manual

New Yorker

Designed with the big city life in mind, the New Yorker appliance pull is about as sophisticated and stream lined as they come. Knurled to give a functional and modern edge to your interiors, these...
Oil Rubbed Bronze

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Lovers of dark chocolate rejoice we've rolled out this delicious finish across a variety of our collection including Halifax, Bronte, Atticus, Eden & New Yorker. Our oil-rubbed bronze is an intentionally inconsistent chocolate brown hand-finished...
Polished Chrome

Polished Chrome

Praised for its high shine and reflective quality, polished chrome complements a range of bathroom and kitchen designs in both modern and classic spaces. This highly popular finish effortlessly coordinates with other design elements like...
Polished Nickel

Polished Nickel

Polished nickel (sometimes called ‘bright nickel’) is a classic, glossy finish that looks beautiful in traditional and modern homes. Nickel is similar to polished chrome, however it has a warmer tone that looks particularly beautiful...


Comfortable to touch thanks to a spiralling build, our rope hardware is a relaxing and enticing choice that is versatile to suit many spaces. Particularly popular in coastal areas, our rope selection includes cotton and jute rope,...
Satin Brass

Satin Brass

With deep gold colour and attractive sheen, satin brass hardware is bold but classy. Similar to brushed brass but without the brush marks, this finish has a subdued and smooth appearance that has the ability...
Satin Nickel

Satin Nickel

Although satin nickel rose in popularity alongside Victorian and Mid-Century ‘modern design’ movements, it has become increasingly popular in the last few years. With brushed silver hues and a warm tone, satin nickel hardware is...