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Introducing: HEPBURN HARDWARE X REN STUDIO - Collection now live Introducing: HEPBURN HARDWARE X REN STUDIO - Collection now live


RENOVATION TIPS - with Alexandra Nea Graham

RENOVATION TIPS - with Alexandra Nea Graham
It's warming up & with Summer Holiday's approaching it can often be a time for home owners to take on renovation projects (or at least put some major plans in place to kick start them in the new year.)
To help inspire and hopefully guide you, we reached out to talented illustrator (& now accomplished home renovator) Alexandra Nea Graham to have a chat about her stunning family home renovation & share some insider info with you all.


What was your most recent renovation project?

Our family home on the upper North Shore, Sydney. The original home on the block was a classic 1950's timber weatherboard single-story home. We moved in with a 6-month-old and a 3yr old then spent 4 years living in the home in its original state, (there was no toilet in the only bathroom, it was out the back in the laundry!) whilst I dreamt up many many design options for a complete overhaul of the home. If you plan to renovate rather than knockdown rebuild, living in the home before is such a must if you can, you get to understand how the light flows and moves across your block and in and out of the home throughout the seasons, how to trap the Winter sun for extra coziness and shield it from the heat of an Australian Summer, what works layout wise for you and your family and what may need updating 


Was this your first reno?

No, we had previously completed a total renovation of our first home in Newtown. It was an original 1900's one bed single story semi (no kitchen to speak of at all, just a freestanding oven and a sink, no benches or cupboards, like camping, but we lived in it again for a few years before we started building) and we converted it into a two story three bed home, gutting the lot except the one common wall and front two rooms. This was a renovation done on a tight budget in cramped conditions (the house was 3.5m wide) but we had an amazing building team who made the process run so smoothly and I well and truly caught the renovation bug.

What drew you to Hepburn Hardware?

I had seen some of my favourite interior designers using Hepburn Hardware in their projects and I loved the modern twist on a classic that Hepburn offered with their designs. After ordering a few samples I was completely taken with the weight and feel of the handles, they not only looked gorgeous but I felt they could withstand the vigorous use my family was going to put them through

What advice would you give to first time renovators?

Open communication and a respectful relationship with your builder and trades is the absolute key to a successful project. 


What is your personal interior design style?

Oh, very eclectic! I'm a real, if I love it I want it and will make it work somehow in my home type person. I am drawn to old worldly objects and furniture, the more rustic the better. I guess I'm a mix of vintage country Australian furniture, french antiques with layers of textured textiles, throw in a bit of chinoiserie print and I'm a tragic for tiger cane.


What would be your alter-ego dream home?

An Australian country style wrap around verandah weatherboard timber home, lots of fret work, choc full of decorative ceilings, picture rails, fireplaces and cozy nooks perched on a rolling green hill with bush to my left and sea views to my right.


Favourite Hepburn Products?

I absolutely adore our kitchen handles, The Surrey in Acid washed Brass finish which has aged so beautifully over the past year. We paired this with the Ascot knob and the two together just add the perfect touch of rustic warmth to our kitchen scheme.


Now the big one….did you have a budget and did you stick to it?

Haha.. Yes and No!

We started with a budget and as is often the case that budget blew out. It wasn't entirely out of our control, a lot of the budget changes came from us adjusting the scope of the building work with our very patient builder as we went, but some of it came from unfortunate unforseen building issues that can arise when renovating a 70 year old house. We were renovating during the timber shortage and crazy price rises of 2021/22 and once we started gutting the house, we discovered we had to rebuild most of the timber framework, a definite blow. But again we had an amazing flexible builder who allowed us to pull from other areas that were coming in less than budget to compensate for the blow out areas. We also pulled back on some items in the end that could wait to a later date, hopefully incoming 2024..


What would be one thing you would do differently?

Really the only thing that bugs me is the layout of my laundry. I didn't give it enough consideration when I was designing it and I would change it now if I had the chance to better suit how I use it, but having never had a proper laundry before I have forgiven myself for this design faux paux! I could also say, I should have been much more strict in sticking to my budget and not getting carried away with on the fly creative changes but then I wouldn't have the home I do today..


Builder: Chris Peat @riversidebuildinganddesign - Riverside Building and Design

Joinery: Tod Gribble @conceptdesignkitchens - Concept Designs Kitchen and Joinery

Kitchen Doors: @farmersdoors - Farmers Doors


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Designer Spotlight - Bec Shnider

Designer Spotlight - Bec Shnider

We seriously LOVE the Interior Designers we work with and we want to sing their skills from the rooftops.
Introducing DESIGNER SPOTLIGHTS where we showcase their incredible talents a little further.
First up is the wonderful Bec Shnider.


Thank you for enjoying this Designer Spotlight with us.
TO LEARN more about Bec head to her website
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It's Project Time

It’s the time of year everyone’s busy planning projects, so we’ve put together some handy tips to make specifying your hardware easy.


Make sure your handle width is in proportion with your drawer width. 
We’ve taken the guess work out with a quick guide for our hardware: 

96mm drill hole centred handle will suit a drawer up to 600mm wide
128mm drill hole centred handle will suit a drawer up to 800mm wide
256mm drill hole centred handle will suit a drawer any wider than 800mm
(an alternative to this is putting two 96mm handles at either end of the drawer.)


There are no strict rules around matching your tapware and handles. Contrasting colours can give a great look. The kitchen above pairs our Burnished Brass Bamboo handles with a matte black tap and a chrome sink.

If you're going to match your handles with your tapware, it's important for your finishes and colours to match perfectly. We recommend looking to these popular brands — Astra Walker, Sussex, Perrin and Rowe and Brodware, as our finishes match their colour ways.

  • durobrite chrome
    polished chrome
  • Nero
Astra walker
  • Polished Chrome
    polished chrome
  • Brushed Platinum
    satin nickel
  • matt black
  • Chrome
    polished chrome
  • Brushed Nickel
    satin nickel
  • matt black
  • Chrome
    polished chrome



Lots of people ask us what the pros and cons are between Polished Chrome and Satin Nickel. Here's a little run down... Polished Chrome has a blue undertone, so gives a cooler feel. It’s the hardiest of all our finishes, so it’s best for coastal areas. It’s also reflective, so can leave finger marks. Satin Nickel has a gold undertone, so has a warmer feel. It features light brushstrokes and is lacquered so it won’t patina or leave finger marks. Style-wise, if you’d like your hardware to stand out, Polished Chrome is your girl, if not, go with Satin Nickel.
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Interior stylist Kerrie-Ann Jones has reviewed our new hooks, Eden and Atticus.

Please allow us to introduce you to our latest arrivals, the Eden Hook and Atticus Hook.

The Eden Hook was inspired by English country homes and designed by Alison in collaboration with the Hepburn Hardware interiors community. This coat and hat hook was created to compliment a range of design aesthetics and is just at home in a French Provincial setting as she is in a classic heritage home.



With a wide domed top so your hat won’t dent, our Eden Hook is available in five of our favourite finishes – burnished brass, blackest black, satin nickel, polished chrome and an exterior rated raw brass; the choice to either mix metals or carry through an accent colour is all yours!

The Atticus Hook might look familiar! We’d forgive you for thinking it was our Atticus knob, but we’ve added a front-screw construction, so you can now carry Atticus from cabinetry to walls.



Interior stylist Kerrie-Ann Jones has reviewed our new hooks, and provided us with some tips on how to position them within the home.

 Tell us what you think of our new hooks – Eden and Atticus?

I'm all about timeless and sophisticated design. I really like how both the Eden and Atticus hooks will never date and look great ten years from now.

What do you like most about our new Eden Hook?

I like the classic curve hook design. It's perfect for hanging up coats behind a door or on the wall and the beautiful finish options suit any style of home.



What design aesthetic do you feel the Eden Hook would be most ‘at home’ in?

I think it best suits classic period homes including - Victorian, terrace, country homesteads and Hamptons style... any home that has character and feels loved.

What are your top tips for selecting the “right” hook for a project?

Consider the location of the hook. Do you have the space for a large hook like the Eden or less space where the Atticus might be more suitable? Also, think about its purpose. What will you be hanging on it? Larger hooks best suit more oversized items and smaller hooks for lighter items. The design style of your home is also important. If your home is minimal and modern, then the Atticus would be better suited. If your home has period features, the Eden is the way to go.

Are you a metal mixer? Or do you prefer them to match?

I prefer to keep all the metal finishes consistent throughout the home. For example, when I'm using brass hardware for the joinery and hooks, I will match this with brass tapware in the bathrooms. I think it makes more of a statement this way.

How do you decide what colour metal to use on projects?

I first create a physical mood board with all the finishes and textures I plan to use in the home. I’ll then play around with various metal finishes to see which one suits the palette and textures on my mood board. I also research and find inspiration of other interiors with a similar feel to see what metals have been used and if it fits the interior I'm working on.

What advice do you have regarding the placement of hooks on walls? Doors?

Firstly, you need to know what you are drilling into? Is it gyprock or brick, do you have a stud behind? Ideally, if you have gyprock walls, you want to drill into the stud for maximum strength. So make sure you use the correct drill bit for the type of wall you are drilling into.

Secondly, you want to make sure you have your hooks at an ideal height. There is no perfect height, it’s whatever works for you. But I would say not too low. You don’t want your coats touching the floor collecting dirt and dust, but then not too high where short people (like me!) can’t reach.

Lastly, make sure you have enough of a gap between each hook to allow for large items, so it doesn't look cluttered.

And there you have it! Top tips from Kerrie-Ann Jones on the most asked questions about hook selections and placements.

You can shop our entire hook range here.


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Hardware selections for French Provincial styling

French Provincial styling has been making it’s way into Australian interiors for a little while now, and has recently gained popularity due to it’s classic elegance.

At the forefront for many people’s go-to aesthetic has been a Hamptons styled kitchen, which has previously leaned towards a grander American style, however this is starting to change. Australia’s take on France’s style, or America’s for that matter, is always a more paired back version due to our house footprints generally being smaller and not having their pre-set architecture to back it up. So, we adopt the parts that we like and will work within our homes.

The French Provincial aesthetic stems from the providences of France, where country craftsmen began fusing design inspiration from town homes in the late 1700s, with country accents that made a unique blended style. This was achieved through finding a balance of chic elegance, and rustic, country style characteristics, drawn from timber pieces, including exposed beams, timber flooring and chunky furniture like dining tables, buffets and cupboards. French interior design style strikes that ideal balance between intricate details and luxury style, with casual effortlessness and timelessness.

The Australian version of French Provincial can be as simple as a using a white shaker cabinet profile, which stands the test of time and has easy appeal if renovating to sell, however adding trimmings that can be quite detailed (i.e. lighting, tapware and hardware). Our Kew handle has been the perfect blend of ornate intricacy, with it’s turned ends and detailed feet, but not too over the top that it looks like it’s just been taken out of a Chateau. You may also choose lattice or louvered cabinet doors to really embrace intricate details, but no matter what you pick our Kew range will compliment it perfectly. With a choice of handle lengths, including an appliance pull, it’s the easiest way to take of the influence of French provincial styling whilst making it your own.

Kitchen by Danielle Victoria Design, and photography by ESS Creative.

The most used colour palettes for this style include shades of white, neutrals, greys, creams, blushes and light blues. Our acid washed brass, satin nickel, or scorched black colourways add warm tones to this and are favoured by French provincial homes, as they complement the white and grey tones throughout the house.

Kitchen by Kate Walker Design. Photography by Armelle Habib.

When selecting your kitchen cupboards you may opt for heritage, shaker or raised panel cabinets that take inspiration from this classic style. Some of our favourites are ‘Waratah’, ‘Provincial’ and ‘Virginia’ by Farmers Doors.

Bespoke cabinets in Kate Walker's home featuring our Kew Handle. Photography by Armelle Habib.


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Introducing our French provincial inspired Kew Handle

Introducing our French provincial inspired Kew Handle

Our Kew Handle has been getting a lot of love lately! Taking in a French provincial scene the Kew Handle is designed to emulate this through out your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or laundry.

The Kew Handle is solid in brass construction and available in Acid Washed Brass, Scorched Black and Satin Nickel. The finish is designed to patina and age over time giving the handle that beautiful lived in relaxed look, making them look like they have been on your cabinetry for years. 

The Kew Handle in Acid Washed Brass below looking elegant against

these custom made Farmers Doors cabinets. 

French Provincial Kew Cabinet Handle


We love the contrast of the gorgeous white shaker style cabinetry paired with the Kew Handle and Ascot Knob in Scorched Black in this laundry by House of Cove. 

French Provincial Look Kew Handle


The Kew Handle in Satin Nickel really doing her thing on these stunning custom design cabinet door mouldings by The Space Within.

French Provincial Kitchen Cabinet Handle
The Kew Handle. Hepburn Hardware
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Laundry Goals: Spotlight on our Bamboo Range

Laundry Goals: Spotlight on our Bamboo Range
The ladies at Three Birds Renovations have done it again and this time using our Bamboo Handle & Bamboo T-Bar in Burnished Brass in their latest 'HOUSE13' laundry. The Three Birds Renovations ladies wanted to create a laundry that works as good as it looks, that has substance, as well as style. The ladies certainly have created that! We can see ourselves pulling up a stool, sipping our hot tea and watching the washing machine whirl in this dream laundry space. 


The addition of our Bamboo Range to the gorgeous biscuit colour shaker profile cabinetry really compliment each other making this luxe laundry come to life. Handcrafted from solid brass, these handles are also available in finishes of antique brass and polished nickel. They're highly versatile and will suit any room in your home, from your kitchen or bathroom to your bedroom.


Images by Three Birds Renovations

Laundry Bamboo Look Handles

Laundry Bamboo Look Handle - Bamboo Range

Designer Laundry Handles

Laundry Brass Handles

Laundry Designer Brass Handles



Hepburn Hardware Bamboo Range
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Aged & Patinated

Aged & Patinated
This finish is designed to age and patina over time. The brass underneath is coated however over time, use and exposure to the natural elements, the brass undertones will slowly come through. Like rigid denim being stone washed, these finishes will evolve with the way you live and use them.

French Provincial inspired and available in three colours and styles, including a handle, knob and appliance pull.

The Kew Handles

Designed with a modern English countryside kitchen in mind. Available in two colours and three styles, including a handle, knob and appliance pull.

The Surrey Handle

The old world charm and hexagon shape is what gives the Henley range it's striking individuality. Our broadest range - available in three colours and a variety of styles for kitchen and bathroom.

The Henley Range

The Highland has a 'wood cabin' feel to it, ideal for a rustic finish. Available in three colours and two styles, including a handle and cup pull.

The Highland Collection

New to Aged & Patinated


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Get to Know The Story Behind The Kew & The Surrey

Get to Know The Story Behind The Kew & The Surrey
Each of our ranges are thoughtfully designed and take inspiration from various sources, travel being one of them. The quaint English towns of Surrey and Kew are the namesakes for two of our most popular ranges, inspired by some of the most charming estates and World Heritage-listed Botanic Gardens.

The Surrey

With some of the most outstanding woodlands in England, the Surrey county is home to an array of the most endearing country estates. These homes and cottages were the perfect inspiration for our Surrey range and perfectly highlight the simple country life.



The Kew

This quaint English town is famously known for its World Heritage-listed botanic gardens and manicured grand landscapes. Our Kew handle is designed with all things refined, with it’s intricate turned ends with a fine smooth grab.



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